BV Interview-1 The Journey/Mindfulness/Jhanas - What is Mindfulness? What are Jhanas? How do they lead to NIbbana? New Perspectives on Buddhism

September 5, 2017

Bhante Vimalaramsi is interviewed by senior student David Johnson (Author - The Path to Nibbana) on his personal journey of awakening. Also Bhante's many unique views are probed in this 1 1/2 hr discussion of Bhante's views and what he found through his own practice.

Questions answered:

How did he come to meditation.

The disaster that happened to him before he left for Asia.

What is the Mango story and how did he get along with a Cobra in a Thai cave!

Why is noone really paying attention to the Suttas.

What is the real meaning of Mindfulness.

What is the Tranquilize step and its importance as described in the Satipathana Sutta and the Anapansati Sutta.

What are Jhanas and how do they arise.  Are there really two types of Jhanas? Why?

How do the Jhanas lead to Nibbana?

What does he teach now? What is TWIM?


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