Bhante Vimalaramsi

Book: ‘The Path to Nibbana’ A Complete Guide to Meditation (6 hrs.)

February 28, 2021

A thorough guide to the unique method of Tranquil Wisdom Insight Meditation (TWIM), based on the earliest Buddhist texts. Authored by David Johnson of the Dhamma Sukha Meditation Center, it contains the secret to fast and deep progress in meditation. The method described here matches the earliest Buddhist scriptures. How to attain awakening through the Loving-kindness meditation. How to attain the Jhanas easily and quickly. Sutta references. Complete meditation instructions to the highest levels. You can use this as your own guide to meditation at home.


Acknowledgements 00:00:00

Introduction 00:02:20

Chapter 1 What is Buddhism 00:12:27

Chapter 2 Mindfulness Re-Defined 00:44:06

Chapter 3 What is Jhana? 00:57:08

Chapter 4 Concentration Practices 01:38:52

Chapter 5 Meditation Instructions 02:05:29

Chapter 6 1st Jhana - Joy 02:57:50

Chapter 7-8 2nd Jhana -Nobel Silence/Happiness 03:12:51

Chapter 9 4th Jhana - The Beautiful 03:22:26

Chapter 10 Infinite Space Base 03:32:30

Chapter 11 Infinite Consciousness 03:38:50

Chapter 12 Nothingness 03:49:37

Chapter 13 Neither Perception-NNP 04:09:55

Chapter 14 The Door to Nibbana 04:40:32

Chapter 15 First Stage -Stream Entry 05:06:02

Chapter 16 Second Stage-Sakadagami 05:37:02

Chapter 17 Third Stage-Anagami 05:43:33

Chapter 18 Fourth Stage-Arahant 05:48:59

Chapter 19 The Power of Jhana 05:58:52

Chapter 20 After the Retreat 06:18:34

Chapter 21 Review of Instructions and Progress Steps 06:22:57

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