BV-Interview-2 Wrong Mindfulness? - Craving? Two Types of Jhana? Concentration vs Aware Jhana

September 9, 2017

David Johnson interviews Bhante Vimalaramsi on two important subjects. What is Mindfulness? A new definition based on the suttas is given based on the Satipatthana Sutta.

Based on this new definition of mindfulness this leads to a whole new type of Jhana, not an absorption jhana or state of concentration, but, rather, an aware relaxed, open state.

What is confusing is that these two types of jhana are related and have similar characteristics. The Buddha had rejected the concentration states that he found in the first few years of his journey; later he found a different type of jhana. Bhante discusses this.

What is Craving? Bhante talks about tension and tightness.