Bhante Vimalaramsi

Developing Faith in the Buddha -Guided Meditation

February 4, 2022

Contemplate the awesome power of the Buddha. Why? There is much merit in thinking and considering all of the powers that the Buddha possessed.

This is a 30min guided contemplation of the Buddha's qualities. The meditator should listen to the qualities and marks and consider the incredible nature of a Buddha. This will uplift your mind and someday you may be reborn a solitary Buddha.

In the sutta on Asokarvana in the Avaydana or Divine Stories, there is a Bull that is about to slaughtered for meat by an evil butcher. The Bull knows this but sees the Buddha, and goes to the Buddha and prostrates and licks his feet, The Buddha understands that the Bull is to be killed and asks Sakkha, King of the Gods of the thirty-three. to pay the Butcher his fee and release the Bull from being killed. BECAUSE OF THE FAITH OF THE BULL IN THE BUDDHA, the Buddha relates that in subsequent lifetimes the Bull will be reborn in higher and higher heavenly existences and then finally come back to the Human Plane and, because of his merit, will become a solitary or Pacekka Buddha!

Just because of his having so much FAITH. So consider the qualities and have faith in the Buddha and see what happens. You will feel the feeling of confidence and faith and this can take you into a jhana. 

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