Bhante Vimalaramsi

Zoom Talk Aggivacchagotta Sutta: To Vacchagotta on Fire (Thicket of Views) 12-5-21

December 13, 2021

Dec 5, 2021

Vacchagota Suttas MN 72 and partial MN 73


"How is it then, Master Gotama? When Master Gotama is asked each of these ten questions, he replies: 'I do not hold this view.' What danger does Master Gotama see that he does not take up any of these speculative views?"

Buddha: "Vaccha, the speculative view that the world is eternal is a thicket of views, a wilderness of views, a contortion of views, a vacillation of views, a fetter of views. It is beset by suffering, by vexation, by despair, and by fever, and it does not lead to disenchantment, to dispassion, to cessation, to peace, to direct knowledge, to enlightenment, to Nibbana. Similarly for the speculative view that the world is not eternal...that the world is finite...that the world is infinite...that the soul and the body are the same...that the soul is one thing and the body another...that after death a Tathagata exists...that after death a Tathagata does not exist...that after death a Tathagata both exists and does not exist...that after death a Tathagata neither exists nor does not exist is a thicket of views

Zoom Recorded: 11-28-21 Where: DSMC Talk by Bhante Vimalaramsi Abbot - Dhamma Sukha Meditation CenterĀ

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